Takarajima asks 59 people for their top five Japanese albums (1992) 1-3

Iio Yoshifumi: Recording Engineer/Producer [飯尾芳史 レコーディグエンジニア/プロデゥーサー]
1. Sadistic Mika Band: Kurofune [サディスティック・ミカ・バンド: 黒船] (1974)
2. Happy End: Kazemachi Roman [はっぴいえんど: 風街ろまん] (1971)
3. Yano Akiko: Gohan ga dekita yo! [矢野顕子:ごはんができたよ] (1980)
4. Ohmura Kenji: Haru ga ippai [大村憲司: 春がいっぱい] (1981)
5. Yoninbayashi: Isshoku sokuhatsu [四人囃子: 一触即発] (1974)
Iio, who worked with the likes of YMO, Haruomi Hosono and Jun Togawa, eventually moved to London to work in Tony Visconti’s studio. Three of Iio’s picks are in the top twenty. Akiko Yano and Kenji Ohmura were associated with YMO. His picks display a preference for Japan’s “New Music” era.

Ikeezumi Hideo: Owner of the Modern Music store (MeiDaiMae). [生悦住英夫:明大前モダーンミュージック店長]
1. Fushitsusha: 1st [不失者: 1st] (1989)
2. Takayanagi Masayuki: Mou hitotsu no jiten suru mono [高柳昌行:もうひとつの自転するもの] (1975)
3. Mikami Kan, Yoshizawa Motoharu, and Haino Keiji: Heisei Ganen Live [三上寛&吉沢元治&灰野敬二:平成元年ライヴ] (1989)
4. East Bionic Symphonia: East Bionic Symphonia [イーストバイオニックシンフォニア:イーストバイオニックシンフォニア] (1976)
5. Hallelujahs: Niku o kurahite seihi o tate yo [ハレルヤズ:肉を喰らひて誓ひをたてよ] (1986)
Ikeezumi is the founder of the neo-psych/noise label, PSF, and the Fushitsusha and Heisei Ganen Live records are on PSF. His picks reflect a preference for improvised noise/free jazz, except for the poppier psych sounds of Hallelujahs (precursor of Nagisa Nite).

Ishii Sohgo: Film Director [石井聰亙: 映画監督]
1. Roosters: The Roosters [ルースターズ:ザ ルースターズ] (1980)
2. Friction: Replicant Walk [フリクション:レプリカント ウォク] (1988)
3. Chikada Haruo and Vibrastone: Vibra is Back [近田春夫&ビブラストーン:VIBRA IS BACK] (1989)
4. Machida Machizou, P-Model, et al: Rebel Street [町田町蔵P-MODEL,ほか:レベル ストリート] (1982)
5. Fools: Weed War [フールズ:WEED WAR] (1984)
Ishii directed the infamous punk film, Burst City, which starred members of the Roosters, Inu (Machida Kou), and the Stalin. Friction fits the era too (though he picks a later, rather than an earlier punkier release from them). Vibrastone represents the beginning of Japanese hip-hop. Ishii filmed the Fools rehearsing (recently released on a reissue CD/DVD).


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