Takarajima asks 59 people for their top five Japanese albums (1992) 4-6

Ishii Keiichi: Toshiba/EMI director-general of Japanese music [石坂敬一: 東芝EMI邦楽 本部長]
1. Creation: Pure Electric Soul [クリエイション:ピュア エレクトリック ソウル] (1977)
2. Murahachibu: Live [村八分:ライヴ] (1973)
3. Sadistic Mika Band: Kurofune [サディスティック・ミカ・バンド: 黒船] (1974)
4. Stomu Yamashta: Go [ツトム ヤマシタ:GO] (1976)
Ishii, now a prominent figure at Universal Japan, worked with The Beatles and Pink Floyd at Toshiba/EMI. Only four picks listed. Note: Creation and Sadistic Mika Band were Toshiba/EMI groups. Stomu Yamashta’s “international supergroup,” Go, included Steve Winwood (another Toshiba/EMI act) and Klaus Shultze.

Itoh Eiji: Music Writer [伊藤英嗣:音楽ライター等]
1. Flipper’s Guitar: Doctor Head’s World Tower [フリッパーズ ギターヘッド博士の世界塔] (1991)
2. Yellow Magic Orchestra: Technodelic [イエロー・マジック・オーケストラ: テクノデリック] (1981)
3. Jagatara: Kimi to Odori Akasou hinode o miru made [じゃがたら:君と踊り明かそう日の出を見るまで] (1985)
4. Pizzicato Five: Getsumen Nanchakuriku [Soft Landing on the Moon] [ピチカート ファイヴ:月面軟着陸] (1990)
5. Sakamoto Ryuichi: Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence [坂本龍一メリー・クリスマス・ミスター・ローレンス] (1983)
Itoh translated the Creation Records Story and curated the Guitar Jamboree series for Sony, among other things. His interest in neo-acoustic guitar pop is reflected in the Flipper’s Guitar pick. YMO, Sakamoto, and Pizzicato Five are well known outside of Japan. Jagatara was an ethno-funk-punk band fronted by the charismatic tragic figure, Akemi Edo.

Imai Tomoko: Music Critic [今井智子 音楽評論家]
1. RC Succession: BLUE [RCサクセション: BLUE] (1981)
2. Reiran: Reiran [麗蘭:麗蘭] (1991)
3. Happy End: Kazemachi Roman [はっぴいえんど: 風街ろまん] (1971)
4. Hosono Haruomi: Paraiso [細野晴臣: はらいそ] (1978)
5. Yano Akiko: Gohan ga dekita yo [矢野顕子:ごはんができたよ] (1980)
Imai was the host for several years of the Izakaya Rock interview series associated with Loft Plus One and music critic for the Asahi Shinbun. Her picks are fairly conventional “New Music”, with the exception of Reiran (a special project featuring RC Succession’s guitarist, Charbo).


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