Takarajima asks 59 people for their top five Japanese albums (1992) 10-12

Ohno Yoshiyuki, music critic [大野祥之 音楽評論家]
1. Carol: 1st [キャロル: ファースト] (1974)
2. YMO: Solid State Survivor [イエロー・マジック・オーケストラ: ソリッド・ステイト・サヴァイヴァー] (1979)
3. BOØWY: Beat Emotion [BOØWY: ビート・エモーション] (1986)
4. X Japan: Blue Blood [X: Blue Blood] (1989)
5. Sadistic Mika Band: Kurofune [サディスティック・ミカ・バンド: 黒船] (1974)
Ohno, editor of the online magazine, Fuzz, is a leading rock critic/liner-note author, best known as a Japanese heavy metal/visual-kei enthusiast. His jrock preference is reflected in his choice of the BOØWY and X Japan records.

Okura Eiji, music critic [小倉エージ 音楽評論家]
1. Happy End: Happy End [はっぴいえんど: はっぴいえんど] (1970)
2. Moonriders: Modern Music [ムーンライダーズ: モダーン・ミュージック] (1979)
Sadistic Mika Band: Kurofune [サディスティック・ミカ・バンド: 黒船] (1974)
4. Southern All-Stars: Ballad ’72-’82 [サザンオールスターズ :バラッド ’77~’82] (1982)
5. Sakamoto Ryuichi: [坂本龍一B2-ユニット] (1983)
Okura, who played twelve-string guitar on the Happy End album, is a prominent music critic and radio personality, as well as a food writer. His choices are conventional “new music” oriented.

Onojima Dai, literary professional[小野島大 文筆業]
1. Friction: Atsureki [フリクション: 軋轢] (1980)
2. Panta & HAL: Malakka [パンタ&HAL: マラッカ] (1979)
3. Murahachibu: Live [村八分:ライヴ] (1973)
4. Hotei Tomoyasu : Guitarrhythm [布袋寅泰ギタリズム] (1988)
5. Flipper’s Guitar: Doctor Head’s World Tower [フリッパーズ ギターヘッド博士の世界塔] (1991)
Onojima, is a rock historian, has curated a number of new wave compilations (including the Fine Time tribute series), and lectures on music writing at Ikebukuro Community College. His picks are eclectic, ranging from hard rock to pop rock to post punk to the neo-acoustic scene.


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