Takarajima asks 59 people for their top five Japanese albums (1992) 7-9

Eguchi Katsutoshi: PCM Complete representative [江口勝敏 : PCMコンプリート代表]
1. Happy End: Happy End [はっぴいえんど: はっぴいえんど] (1970)
2. Murahachibu: Live [村八分:ライブ] (1973)
3. Hara Masumi: Imagination Tsuushin [原マスミ:イマジネーション通信] (1982)
4. Togawa Jun: Tama Himesama [戸川純:玉姫様] (1984)
5. Karate Bakabon: Bakabon no Zunou Kaikaku [空手バカボン:バカボンの頭脳改革]
Eguchi was working for a video game company at the time of the survey, but he is better known in music circles as the bass player for S-Ken and a guest musician on at least one Uchoten release. The first two picks are conventional, but the other three are idiosyncratic. Masumi Hara (better known as a visual artist these days) and Jun Togawa represent early 1980s new wave. And Karate Bakabon was a new wave parody outfit featuring Kera (of Uchoten and Nagom Records) and Kenji Otsuki (Kinniku Shojotai).

Enokido Ichiro, writer [えのきどいちろう ライター]
1. Yuukadan: Namakiki(?) 59 minutes [憂歌団:生聞59分] (1977)
2. Yoshida Takuro: Live ’73 [吉田拓郎 LIVE ’73] (1973)
3. Moonriders: Modern Music [ムーンライダーズ: モダーン・ミュージック] (1979)
4. Southern All-Stars: Atsui Munasawagi [サザンオールスターズ :熱い胸騒ぎ] (1978)
5. Mute Beat: Flower [ミュートビート:フラワー] (1987)
Enokido was a columnist for Takarajima and a late-night radio personality. His picks are unconventional but mostly within the Japan rock mainstream. Yuukadan is a blues band, Yoshida Takuro is a popular singer songwriter, and the Southern All-Stars are perhaps the most popular rock band in Japanese history. Mute Beat was a dub band with a mid-80s US ROIR cassette release.

Ohnuki Kenshou, Music critic [大貫憲章 音楽評論家]
1. Chikada Haruo & HARUOPHON: Dengekiteki Tokyo [近田春夫&ハルヲフォン: 電撃的 東京] (1978)
2.Flower Travellin’ Band: Make-up [フラワー・トラベリン・バンド: Make-up] (1973)
3. Carol: 1975.4.13 [キャロル: 1975.4.13] (1975)
4. The Mods: Fight or Flight [The Mods [ザ・モッズ: Fight or Flight] (1981)
5. Sadistic Mika Band: Kurofune [サディスティック・ミカ・バンド: 黒船] (1974)
Ohnuki (who has an active blog) is a music critic and DJ best known for his coverage of the late 70s punk scene. His picks are conventional, three in the top twenty. He chose a different Flower Travellin’ Band album than his peers and included a document of the superstar retro-rock band, Carol, during their final tour.


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