Takarajima asks 59 people for their top five Japanese albums (1992) 13-15

Kajimoto Manabu, Expert on Idols [梶本学 アイドルに詳しい人]
1. Inoue Yosui: Koori no Sekai [井上陽水: 氷の世界] (1973)
2. Tulip: Live/Act/Tulip [チューリップ:ライブ/アクト/チューリップ] (1972)
3. Yoshida Takuro: Genki desu [吉田拓郎 元気です] (1972)
4. Chikada Haruo & HARUOPHON: Dengekiteki Tokyo [近田春夫&ハルヲフォン: 電撃的 東京] (1978)
5. Jacks: Vacant World [ ジャックス: ジャックスの世界] (1968)
Kajimoto, 1970s idol otaku-type, goes for early 1970s soft rock, with a nod to the future (Chikada) and reference to origins (Jacks).

Kawai Michael, Sony Records employee [河合マイケル ソニーレカード社員]
1. Yano Akiko: Tadaima [矢野顕子:ただいま] (1981)
2. Hosono Haruomi: Tropical Dandy [細野晴臣: トロピカルダンディ] (1975)
3. Haniwa-chan: Kanashibari [はにわちゃん: かなしばり] (1984)
4. Budohbatake: Slow Motion [葡萄畑 :スローモーション] (1976)
5. Pizzicato Five: Couples [ピチカート ファイヴ:カップルズ] (1987)
Kawai, former drummer for fusion group, The Square, as well as Oe Senri’s band, shows a clear preference for the softer experimental sounds of “new rock.” Note: His group was associated with the eclectic fusion supergroup, Haniwa-chan; he participated in the making of the Pizzicato Five album.

Kawakatsu Masayuki, editor [川勝正幸 編集者]
1. Crazy Cats: Crazy Cats Singles [クレージー キャッツ:シングルズ] (1986)
2. Sadistic Mika Band: Kurofune [サディスティック・ミカ・バンド: 黒船] (1974)
3. Hosono Haruomi: Paraiso [細野晴臣: はらいそ] (1978)
4. Chikada Haruo & HARUOPHON: Dengekiteki Tokyo [近田春夫&ハルヲフォン: 電撃的 東京] (1978)
5. S-KEN & Hot Bomboms: Jungle da [エスケン&ホットボンボンズ:ジャングル ダ] (1985)
Kawakatsu, a columnist for on-line pop culture magazine, Bunkadelic, peppers his three conventional picks with two oddities. The Crazy Cats were a popular comic band and sketch comedy team with roots in the postwar afro-cuban jazz scene. The Hot Bomboms album features Cuba-style retro pop.


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