Takarajima asks 59 people for their top five Japanese albums (1992) 16-18

Kawamura Kyoko, writer [川村恭子 ライター]
1. Kosaka Chu: Horo [小坂忠: ほうろう] (1975)
2. Saito Tetsuo: Good Time Music [斉藤哲夫: グッドタイムミュージック] (1974)
3. Funny Company: Funny Company Again [ファニー・カンパニー:ファニー・カンパニー・アゲイン] (1972)
4. Ueda Masaki & Ariyama Junji: Botchibotchi iko ka [上田正樹有山淳司:ぼちぼちいこか] (1975)
5. Hosono Haruomi: HOSONO HOUSE [細野晴臣: HOSONO HOUSE] (1973)
Kawamura’s picks reflect a particular interest in 1970s Japanese Rock/Folk.

Kikuni Masahiko, cartoonist [喜国雅彦, マンガ家]
1. Loudness: Disillusion [ラウドネス:ディスイリュジョン] (1984)
2. The Stalin: Stop Jap [ザ・スターリンストップ・ジャップ] (1982)
3. Ziggy: Sore Yuke R&R Band [ZIGGY: それゆけ!R&Rバンド] (1987)
4. Yuukadan: Namakiki(?) 59 minutes [憂歌団:生聞59分] (1977)
5. RC Succession: Rhapsody [RCサクセション: ラプソディー] (1980)
Kikuni, who wrote ROCKOMANGA for the heavy metal magazine, BURRN!, shows a preference for the harder side of Japanese rock, including the premier heavy metal act, Loudness, and the notorious punk band, The Stalin.

Qusumi Masayuki, cartoonist [久住昌之 漫画家]
1. Timers: The Timers [タイマーズ : ザ・タイマーズ] (1989)
2. Yuukadan: Namakiki(?) 59 minutes [憂歌団:生聞59分] (1977)
3. Suzuki Shigeru: Bandwagon [鈴木茂:バンドワゴン] (1975)
4. Ueda Masaki & South to South: Kono Atsui Omoi o Tsutaetainya [上田正樹とサウス・トュ・サウス](1975)
5. Endo Kenji: Saki no Ukelele [遠藤賢司:咲きのウケレレ] (1972)
Qusumi (who has an active blog) is a hetauma cartoonist/singer-songwriter. Most of his picks are from the bluesy, folky 1970 rock era. Except for the Timers–a joke band led by RC Succession’s Imawano Kiyoshiro with a particularly odd concept.


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