Takarajima asks 59 people for their top five Japanese albums (1992) 25-27

Chibiki Yuuichi, Telegraph Factory [地引雄一: テレグラフファクトリー]
1. VA: Tokyo Rockers [東京ロッカズ] (1979)
2. Friction: Atsureki [フリクション: 軋轢] (1980)
3. Lizard: Lizard [ リザード: リザード] (1980)
4. VA: CRACK! Godzilla Records Complete Collection [CRACK! ゴジラレコード・コンプリート・コレクション] (1979)
5. Ankoku Tairiku Jagatara: Nanban Torai [暗黒大陸じゃがたら:南蛮渡来] (1982)
Chibiki, a key figure in the punk indies movement in the late 1970s, stays true to form here. His label, Telegraph Records, recorded Lizard. His publishing company put out the short-lived alternative culture magazine, EATER, in the mid 1990s.

Shindo Mitsuo, Art Director [信藤三雄: アートディレクター]
1. Hosono Haruomi: Paraiso [細野晴臣: はらいそ] (1978)
2. Agata Morio: Nippon Shonen [あがた森魚:日本少年] (1976)
3. Jacks: Legend [ ジャックス: レジェンド] (1988)
4. Plastics: Forever Plastico [プラスティックス:フォエヴァ・プラスティコ] (1988)
5. The Spiders: Golden Age of The Spiders [ザ・スパイダース :ゴールデン・エイジ・オヴ・ザ・スパイダース]
Shindo, album cover art director and film maker, chooses three best-of records (ranging from Group Sounds to New Wave) and two classic new music albums from the mid-1970s.

Shinbo Miyuki, music critic [真保みゆき:音楽評論家]
1. HIS: Nihon no Hito [HIS: 日本の人] (1991)
2. Vibrastone: Entropy Productions [ビブラストーン:ENTROPY PRODUCTIONS] (1991)
3. Sandii: Mercy [サンディ:MERCY] (1990)
4. Yamashita Tatsuro: Artisan [山下達郎:ARTISAN] (1991)
5. Char: Edoya Best [チャー:江戸屋ベスト] (1991)
Shinbo, a prominent music critic best known for her writing about women in rock, seems to have misunderstood the question (this is her best five from 1991, it seems).


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