Takarajima asks 59 people for their top five Japanese albums (1992) 31-33

Takahashi Kentaro, music critic [高橋健太郎:音楽評論家]
1. Happy End: Kazemichi Roman [はっぴいえんど: 風街ろまん] (1971)
2. Sadistic Mika Band: Kurobune [サディスティック・ミカ・バンド: 黒船] (1974)
3. Chikada Haruo: Heavy [近田春夫: HEAVY] (1987)
4. Jagatara: Sorekara [じゃがたら:それから] (1989)
5. Sandii: Mercy [サンディ:MERCY] (1990)
Takahashi, pop theoretician, serves up some fairly conventional picks.

Takahashi Ryuuichi, music critic [高橋竜一:音楽評論家]
1. Food Brain: Bansan [フード・ブレイン: 晩餐] (1970)
2. Happy End: Kazemichi Roman [はっぴいえんど: 風街ろまん] (1971)
3. Shiba: Aoisora no Hi [シバ:青い空の日] (1972)
4. Sadistic Mika Band: Sadistic Mika Band [サディスティック・ミカ・バンド: サディスティック・ミカ・バンド] (1973)
5. Yoninbayashi: Isshoku sokuhatsu [四人囃子: 一触即発] (1974)
Takahashi’s fairly conventional new music picks include one from psychedelic supergroup, Food Brain, and one from singer-songwriter, Shiba.

Tanaka Yuji, free editor [田中雄二:フリーエディター]
1. Chakra: Satekoso [チャクラ:さてこそ] (1981)
2. Plastics: Welcome Back Plastics [プラスティックス:ウェルカムバック・プラスチックズ] (1980)
3. Yoninbayashi: Golden Picnics [四人囃子: ゴールデンピクニックス] (1976)
4. YMO: X∞Multiplies [イエロー・マジック・オーケストラ:増殖 ] (1980)
Tanaka, blogger, best known for his work on Japanese electronica, stays true to form with his four picks.


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