Takarajima asks 59 people for their top five Japanese albums (1992) 40-42

Nanbu Yuuichi, Stock Orientation Representative [南部裕一: スタックオリエンテーション代表]
1. EP-4: Lingua Franca 1 [EP-4: リンガ・フランカ1] (1983)
2. EP-4: Multilevel Holarchy [EP-4: マルチレーベル・ホラーキー] (1983)
3. Zigzag: Mad Power [ZIGZAG: マッド・パワー] (1981)
4. VA: Awa [VA: Awa] (1980?)
5. Lizard: Lizard [ リザード: リザード] (1980)
Nanbu is being willfully obscure, with two from indie funk band, EP-4, and another from legendary Kyoto punk band, Zigzag. Lizard is the only conventional pick. The “Awa” compilation comprised two discs worth of avant-garde material from Kansai bands.

Nemoto Takashi, “tokukabu” cartoonist [根本敬:特株漫画家]
1. Endo Kenji: Tokyo Wasshoi [遠藤賢司:東京ワッショイ] (1979)
2. Hadaka no Rallies: Les Rallizes Denudes ‘77 LIVE [裸のラリーズ: Les Rallizes Denudes ‘77 LIVE] (1991)
3. Yazawa Eikichi: Goldrush [矢沢永吉: ゴールドラッシュ] (1978)
4. Uchida Yuya: Saraba aishiki hito yo [内田裕也:さらば愛しき人] (1981)
5. Totsuzen Danball:Naritatsu ka na? [突然段ボール:成り立つかな] (1981)
Nemoto, underground cartoonist, picks from all over the stylistic map. Endo’s folk rock, Les Rallizes’ noise psych, Yazawa’s pop rock, Uchida’s classic rock, and the post-punk of Totsuzen Dallball.

Nohji Yuko, music writer [能地祐子 音楽ライター]
1. Happy End: Kazemichi Roman [はっぴいえんど: 風街ろまん] (1971)
2. Moonriders: Camera=Mannenhitsu [ムーンライダーズ: カメラ=万年筆] (1980)
3. Ohtaki Eichi: A long vacation [大滝詠一:A LONG VACATION] (1981)
4. Sano Motoharu: No Damage [佐野元春:ノーダメージ] (1983)
5. Unicorn: Kedamono no Arashi [ユニコーンケダモノの嵐] (1990)
Nohji’s picks are fairly conventional. The (pop rock) Ohtaki,  Sano, and Unicorn picks would probably be included in best of lists today.  


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