Takarajima asks 59 people for their top five Japanese albums (1992) 49-51

Miura Kenji, camera-man [三浦憲治: カメラマン]
1. YMO: Public Pressure [イエロー・マジック・オーケストラ: パブリック・プレッシャー] (1980)
2. Carol: Last Live [キャロル: ラスト・ライブ] (1975)
3. Sadistic Mika Band: Hot Menu [サディスティック・ミカ・バンド: ] (1975)
4. Yuukadan: Yuukadan Live [憂歌団:憂歌団ライブ] (1975)
5. Yano Akiko: Gohan ga dekita yo! [矢野顕子:ごはんができたよ] (1980)
Miura, who recently worked on a photobook project with Tamio Okuda, is rather conventional in his choices.

Miura Jun, illustrator [みうらじゅん:イルストレーター]
1. Timers: The Timers [タイマーズ : ザ・タイマーズ] (1989)
2. Endo Kenji Band: Fumetsu no Otoko [遠藤賢司バンド:不滅の男] (1991)
3. Ueda Masaki & Ariyama Junji [上田正樹有山淳司:ぼちぼちいこか] (1975)
4. Bo Gumbos: Bo & Gumbo [ボ・ガンボス:BO & GUMBO] (1989)
5. Oshima Nagisa: Iden & Titi [大島渚:アイデン&ティティ] (1990)
Miura, underground culture provocateur, makes some rootsy picks, including the faux New Orleans pop of Bo Gumbos. “Oshima Nagisa,” named after the director, was Miura’s Ikaten band. (He later toured as a member of the “Bronsons”–inspired by the macho stylings of the actor).

Minakami Haruko, music critic [水上はるこ音楽評論家 ]
1. YMO: Solid State Survivor [イエロー・マジック・オーケストラ: ソリッド・ステイト・サヴァイヴァー] (1979)
2. Sakamoto Ryuichi: [坂本龍一B2-ユニット] (1983)
3. Jacks: Legend [ ジャックス: レジェンド] (1988)
4. Hamada Shogo: Umarete tokoro o tooku hanarete [浜田省吾生まれてところを遠く離れて] (1976)
5. Hamada Shogo: Love Train [浜田省吾ラブ・トレイン] (1977)
Minakami, who has written extensively about Western rock, is largely conventional in her picks, but shows a clear weakness for the pop idol rock of Shogo Hamada.


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