Takarajima asks 59 people for their top five Japanese albums (1992) 52-54

Miyabe Kazuhiko, Inner Directs [宮部和彦:インナー・ディレクツ]
1. Flower Travellin’ Band: Satori [フラワー・トラベリン・バンド: Satori] (1971)
2. Panta & HAL: Malakka [パンタ&HAL: マラッカ] (1979)
3. The Mods: Fight or Flight [The Mods [ザ・モッズ]: Fight or Flight] (1981)
4. Hotei Tomoyasu : Guitarrhythm [布袋寅泰ギタリズム] (1988)
5. Boredoms: Soul Discharge [ボアダムズ:ソウル・デスチャージ] (1989)
Miyabe, of the indie label, Inner Directs, is very conventional until his last pick–the Boredoms!

Moriwaki Mikio, music critic [森脇美貴夫: 音楽評論家]
1. The Stalin: Mushi [ザ・スターリン] (1983)
2. Star Club: Punk! Punk! Punk! [スター・クラブ:パンク!パンク!パンク!] (1985)
3. Lizard: Lizard [ リザード: リザード] (1980)
4. Friction: Atsureki [フリクション: 軋轢] (1980)
5. G.I.S.M: Detestation [ギズム:ディテステション] (1983)
DOLL editor, Micky Moriwaki, goes for Japanese punk.

Yamakawa Kenichi, artist [山川健一:作家]
1. Panta: Kristal Nacht [パンタ:クリスタル・ナハト] (1987)
2. RC Succession: Rhapsody [RCサクセション: ラプソディー] (1980)
3. Dare ga kaba yanen rock ‘n roll show: Waoo… [誰がカバやねんロックンロールSHOW: WAOO…] (1980)
4. Sheena and the Rokkets: Synk Pack [シーナ&ロッケツ:真空パック] (1979)
5. Never Mind Troubles: So Much Trouble [ネヴァー・マインド・トラブルズ:ソー・マッチ・トラブル] (1992)
Author/musician, Yamakawa, makes two popular picks, adds new waver Sheena, and then goes for two indiosyncratic picks. “Dare ga cover yanen” is a Kansai rock band that had a TV show. Never Mind Troubles is Yamakawa’s own band. (He also wrote a book about Kristal Nacht). 


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